Glacier National Park covers over 1,500 square miles of wilderness filled with breathtaking scenery and wildlife. The park's lands are inhabited by abundant wildlife with over 60 species of mammals and 200 species of birds. Almost anywhere in the park, you can encounter deer, elk, moose, bear, bighorn sheep and mountain goats. And if you're lucky, you might even hear the howl of a gray wolf at night, although you'll probably never see one. If you're in the mood for something exotic and four-legged, you can view mountain goats on the southern edge of the Park. About ten miles Southeast of Essex on Highway 2, natural salt licks have attracted as many as 70 goats at a time. The observation area is adjacent to the highway.

Hike the back country, camp, fish, raft, bike, climb, ride horse, boat or just plain sight see. You won't find a better place for it anywhere. Glacier National Park has more than 700 miles of foot and horse trails. 

From the most remote lakes nestled among 10,000 foot peaks, to the spectacular Going-to-the-Sun Road, this is a place that stirs the imagination and excites the senses. And though it crosses international boundaries, the park succeeds in uniting people of all nations in a shared sense of wonder. 

Remember -- Glacier National Park is ALWAYS open, and not so busy before the the Going to the Sun road opens!

( road conditions supplied by US National Park System )